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About The Author, Jonathan Michaels And His Book, “The Medicaid Roadmap”

Jonathan Michaels

“What if Grandad lives too long and we run out of money?”

Aside from the top 10% of households, virtually no one can pay for long-term care out-of-pocket for very long. After all, long-term care averages $8,000 a month nationally, and very few people have an extra $8,000 a month sitting around.

But what if you knew a way your family could afford long-term care for your loved one? You do now. That way is Medicaid.

Our mission is to help you obtain quality long-term care for your loved one via the Medicaid long-term care system. And in so doing, reduce the stress and overwhelm you’ll experience with the process of applying for Medicaid.

We provide you with the information you need, in a manner that is easy to understand. So that you can apply for and obtain Medicaid approval for your loved one – as quickly as possible.

When people have Medicaid as a long-term care option, families can relax and focus on being with their loved one. They can get back to their lives. This is the dignified way to care for your family. That’s why we created “The Medicaid Roadmap”.

A Note From Jonathan – The Author

“What if Grandad lives too long…?”

That was the exact question my grandmother Mimi asked the family at a family celebration for her and Grandad’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was heartbreaking… You see Grandad had been in a skilled nursing community for more than two years and Mimi was paying $11,000 a month for his care. He was so sick, no one thought he would live that long, least of all Mimi. Which is why she placed him in as nice a skilled nursing community as she thought she could afford.

Mimi was loyally and dutifully writing that $11,000 check each month plus trying to pay all her own bills… And she was going broke. Mimi had no idea how she was going to manage it all, so she was asking tough questions. We didn’t have the answers then. We do now though…

Not long after that, my partner and I started Stronghold Financial. Stronghold is a financial advisory firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. The largest retirement city in the US. At Stronghold, we help people build and protect wealth. And the #1 risk to the wealth that people have accumulated over their lifetime is the cost of long-term care. I’ve seen people with $2 million in net worth watch their savings go up in smoke paying for long-term care. You read that right.

How is this possible? It’s all about two factors that are completely beyond our control:

  • No one knows what level of care they are going to need later in life.
  • No one knows how long they’re going to need care.

So, when someone you love needs long-term care, your family is essentially signing a blank check. Scary right?

The only solution to going broke is the Medicaid long-term care system. And my firm Stronghold Financial is THE BEST at navigating the extremely complicated Medicaid system.

The national average to obtain Medicaid benefits when applying yourself is five months. Stronghold obtains Medicaid approvals in three weeks on average. And we’ve never had a client denied for financial reasons. Ever.

How do we do it? We’ve perfected the process. We dig in and have a perfectly clean, crisp and clear Medicaid application ready to hand in. We have all our client’s medical and financial records stacked and organized. We know what questions Medicaid is going to ask before they do. And so, our applications are “approvable” the day we submit them. Most people just apply and pray.

It took years for us to get this right. And now, for the first time ever, I’ve taken all our secrets… All our knowledge… All our experience… And I’ve distilled it into the easiest, most straight-forward how-to guide in the Medicaid world — “The Medicaid Roadmap”.

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