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Find Hope for Your Loved One: Our Expert Roadmap Can Help You Save Tens to Hundreds of Thousands a Year On Long-Term Care.

So You Can Focus on Providing the Best Possible Care Without the Financial Burden.

With our expert guide, you could be eligible for Medicaid benefits in as little as 2 months!

The Medicaid Roadmap Ebook By Jonathan Michaels

The Medicaid application is typically a challenging, difficult and overwhelming process, there IS a way to make sure your application is approved…

…And that you start receiving Medicaid benefits much faster than the average wait time of 6 months or more.

I’ve walked hundreds of clients through a proven step-by-step process that not only gets Medicaid approvals quickly, but potentially saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in long-term care costs while helping YOU get your life back.

And I’ve put it all in one simple to follow eBook: “The Medicaid Roadmap”.

Download Your Copy Now To Discover:

The 4 levels of dependence and why they are the key to whether your loved one qualifies for Medicaid - p. 13

How to prove that your loved one meets all 3 Medicaid eligibility criteria. Failure to provide documentation in each area guarantees your application will be rejected - p. 17

The HUGE mistake most people make to try to speed up their eligibility. Avoid this at all costs! - p. 19

Which important medical documents you need to have on hand at all times (missing just one of these can make the benefits process take much longer) - p. 23

What to do if your Medicaid application is rejected (there’s one option that dramatically increases your chances of getting benefits faster) - p. 42

15 ways to tip the approval odds in your loved one’s favor - p. 43

How to prepare your loved one's financial information to pass the financial assessment - p. 44

How to protect your loved one from the #1 reason people lose their benefits - p. 51

And much, much more!

See What Others Say About The Medicaid Roadmap

My mother was in need of care and neither she nor I could handle the financial burden. I was unfamiliar with the Medicaid process and its requirements and I was overwhelmed by the various demands of the application. I was so lost as to what was needed or how the process worked. And the financial ramifications were daunting. “The Medicaid Roadmap” provided the expertise to put my mind at ease that we were doing everything necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. After getting Mom approved, I felt an enormous weight had been removed from my shoulders. I now could sleep knowing my mother’s health needs would be met in a respectful and dignified way without financially destroying our family.
Wayne P.

Mom needed long-term care and couldn’t afford it. It would have been a huge hardship for my siblings and me to try and take on her care or the financial responsibility of getting her care ourselves. We were so worried that Mom would run out of money and we would have to find a way to give her about $4,000 each month to continue the care she needed, or that we would have to move her into one of our homes and try to provide care for her ourselves. I had applied for Medicaid on my own. The biggest frustration was that I didn’t understand what Medicaid considered reasons for needing help medically. Having “The Medicaid Roadmap” explain what Medicaid is looking for was super helpful. We got her approved and that was such a relief! Just knowing that Mom’s needs will be met and that her financial situation is solid.
Laurie N.

The Medicaid Roadmap is a must read for anyone needing assistance getting Medicaid long term care benefits. It provides information, guidance and real life examples in a manner that is easy to digest and understand. Jonathan is clearly a master at what he does and this book will demystify the Medicaid Long term care application process.
Glenda Redman

Options for Senior Living

My Mom has congestive heart failure and is in a wheelchair. I always dreaded the day Mom would run out of money. I knew the answer to all my prayers regarding Mom was “The Medicaid Roadmap”. Mom was approved for Medicaid six months ago and I feel like this HUGE BURDEN has been lifted from me. The worry, the unknown, the frustration of it all is now GONE. Every month, I know what she owes, I pay it and it’s a done deal!
Susan H.

As an RN Patient Advocate, I found this guide to be well written and easy to follow. I will use this in my practice to provide my clients with information to assist in their difficult decisions when they require long term care benefits. Jonathan Michaels does an outstanding job of educating the reader from the basic Medicaid fundamentals to the specifics of eligibility for medical and financial requirements. The addendums provide excellent resources and aid in developing and reviewing the entire application process.
Rosie Oldham


What Is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a state and federal program which provides long-term care coverage for your loved one if they meet the eligibility requirements. Medicaid covers what your loved-one can’t afford for as long as they are alive.

Medicaid is a federal program administered at the state level. This means that the federal government creates most of the rules about how the program works, and then provides money to each of the 50 states to fund the program.

Medicaid provides financial assistance for eligible individuals who are elderly and/or those with physical or developmental disabilities. Medicaid will pick up the gap between your loved one’s income and their cost of care.

medicaid roadmap ebook

Learn How to Successfully Secure Long-Term Care for Your Loved One

About The Author Jonathan Michaels

Here’s What Makes Me Qualified To Give This Advice

The firm I founded, Stronghold Financial, is one of the fastest growing and most successful Medicaid planning firms in the country. I’ve worked on hundreds of successful Medicaid application cases of all types and discovered proven application strategies which help my clients get Medicaid approvals faster and at a higher rate than anyone else in the industry.

This book contains everything I’ve learned so that you can apply for Medicaid benefits yourself and get approved in as little as 2 months.

Jonathan Michaels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Medicaid long-term benefits?

There are three major eligibility requirements: general, medical and financial. The Medicaid Roadmap explains them all in detail, including all necessary documentation required.

How much can Medicaid save me?

As an illustration, a person with income of $2,000/month and $8,000/month in long-term care costs and a life expectancy of 2.5 years can expect to save roughly $180,000 with Medicaid.

Are the rules for Medicaid the same in each state?

The Medicaid Roadmap provides you with the income and resource eligibility limits for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This addendum is reviewed and updated every year.